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The Basilica of San Miniato al Monte in Florence

San Miniato al Monte is a Basilica in Florence, located in one of the highest points in the city, is reachable in 5 minutes drive or half an hour walk from Convitto della Calza.

The marble façade is a masterpiece of the Florentine Romanesque architecture, which started to be built in 1090.

Its geometrical classicism along with the "sacred geometry" and symbolism of  the interiors inspires and interests still nowadays scholars and admirers from all over the world.

Inside the church we can admire the cript, the raised choir, the presbitery and the sacristy adorned with 1300 frescoes by Spinello Aretino.

We recommend a visit to San Miniato al Monte, from where you can enjoy one of the most stunning views over Florence.