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Uffizi: Pietro Aretino and the Art of the Renaissance

20 January 2020 to 03 March 2020

The Uffizi exhibition "Pietro Aretino and the Art of the Renaissance" illustrates the cultural and artistic atmosphere of the 16th century in Florence and Italy, through paintings, sculptures, printed pieces, and applied art.

The exhibition is a tribute to the Renaissance and is inspired by the poet Pietro Aretino, a friend of Cardinal Giulio de' Medici, who introduced him to the pope's court in Rome and where he played a leading role among the intellectuals of the time. In Rome, Aretino first became friends with Raphael, then Titian and Parmigianino during his visits to the Doge's court in Venice and the Gonzaga in Mantua. In fact, Aretino appears in a number of paintings by the Renaissance masters, and his portrait by Titian, which can be admired on display, is considered one of the artist's masterpieces.

In addition to the paintings, the Uffizi’s Sala Malabechiana displays objects and artifacts that retrace Aretino's life in 5 parts, from the courts of Arezzo to Perugia, Rome, Mantua, and finally Venice. There are medals, prints, books bearing the effigy of the poet (demonstrating Aretino's ability to sponsor himself in the difficult environment of the Renaissance courts), and some original edition pages from his famously lusty sonnets.