Events in Florence and surroundings: detail

The Torrigiani Garden in the Oltrarno District in Florence

With a short and confortable walk from Convitto della Calza, you can easily reach the Torrigiani Garden in the beautiful Oltrarno district.

It is one of the few green areas inside the ancient Florence walls and it's the biggest private garden in Europe, an example of 1800 romantic style garden.

Among the sculptures one can admire inside the park, the statues of Osiride, of Atteone running after having seen Diana, and of Seneca.

The Torrigiani Garden is most known as a botanic garden and for its "torrino" in the middle, a tower 22 meters high, with a library and astronomic instruments.

This beautiful garden is private, the owners (the Torrigiani family) still live inside it, therefore if you want to see the park you must arrange a visit with them.