Events in Florence and surroundings: detail

Leonardo at Palazzo Vecchio

11 April 2019 to 31 July 2019

You have until June 24th to admire, in the Sala dei Gigli at Palazzo Vecchio, Leonardo's handwritten sheets taken from the Codex Atlanticus. The exhibition, titled “Leonardo da Vinci in Florence. Selected sheets from the Codex Atlanticus” is part of the celebrations for the Year of Leonardo, 500 years after the death of the multifaceted Renaissance artist and scientist.

The exhibition aims at highlighting the bond between Leonardo and Florence, the city that welcomed him and where he developed, in his first years of activity, a great part of the acquaintances that protected him and allowed him to keep studying and creating art for the most important kings and queens of Europe. Leonardo had a deep bond with the city of Florence, explains the exhibition's curator Cristina Acidini, a bond that the visitor is encouraged to explore.

In the sheets of the Codex Atlanticus, which was borrowed for this special occasion from the Ambrosiana Library in Milan, there are drawings, projects, writings and even a not-very-flattering note on his friend Botticelli, whose studies on perspective Leonardo criticizes. Ending the exhibition is a painting by Leonardo's dearest student, Salaì, whose role in the life of his master remains a mystery. The bust of Christ the Redeemer is an obvious tribute from Salaì to the teaching and the art of his great master, Leonardo da Vinci.