Events in Florence and surroundings: detail
Exhibition Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo

Exhibition Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo

09 March 2019 to 14 July 2019

Among the events for the celebrations of the Year of Leonardo, Florence pays tribute to Leonardo da Vinci's master, Andrea del Verrocchio. The artist, from Florence's first Renaissance, will be dedicated a great exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi.

From March 9th to July 14th 120 works between paintings, drawings and sculptures will walk the visitor through the extraordinary artistic production of Florence between 1460 and 1490, which started the Renaissance thanks also to the support of the Medici family and Lorenzo the Magnificent. The works, which are brought together for the first time ever, come from museums all over the world – among others New York's Metropolitan, Paris' Louvre, Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum and London's Victoria and Albert.

Among Leonardo's masterpieces on display, three are in Italy for the first time ever: a unique occasion to see them next to one another. The occasion is unique for Verrocchio's paintings and sculptures too, and visitors will see how important his teaching was for young Leonardo.

At the Convitto della Calza, on the other hand, there is Florence's only Cenacle, painted by Franciabigio in 1514 and inspired by Leonardo's revolutionary Cenacle, painted in Milan between 1405 and 1498.