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Uffizi Gormley

Antony Gormley at the Uffizi Galleries

26 February 2019 to 26 June 2019

The Uffizi Galleries in Florence are hosting, until May 26th, an exhibition of contemporary art dedicated to Antony Gormley, one of England's most famous sculptors of the present time. In the new Magliabecchiana room on the ground floor of the Uffizi Galleries, and in the upper floors as well, visitors will see fifteen of Gormley's sculptures, all with the common theme of the relationship between man and space. The main work of the exhibition is a twelve-meter tunnel, “Passage”, the biggest sculpture ever displayed at the Uffizi. Next to it the other sculptures, inspired by the human figure and by the ancient statues, from the Galleries' permanent collection.

The exhibition “Antony Gormley. Essere” (being) was personally curated by Eike Schmidt, the director of the Uffizi, together with Gormley himself. The artist has also created some site-specific works, especially conceived for this exhibition. The exhibition is part of a general opening to contemporary art, promoted by Schmidt. The director aims at setting up a harmonious dialogue between the Renaissance – the main feature of the Uffizi Galleries – and contemporary and avant-garde art. Ancient tradition and modern creativity are juxtaposed in the Signoria square, where one can see one of Gormley's statues on the terrace of the Uffizi, in a suggestive dialogue between past and present.