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Palazzo Pitti Animalia Fashion

Animalia fashion at Pitti Palace

08 January 2019 to 05 May 2019

The Museum of Costume and Fashion at Pitti Palace, a five-minute walk away from the hotel, hosts “Animalia Fashion”, an exhibition dedicated to the animal world as seen by the most famous stylists and by the new emerging talents.

The exhibition features almost one hundred items of clothing, inspired by nature, and in particular by animals. They are embellished with feathers, leather, and corral, and they express true love for the color and the shapes that only nature can give us.

Fashion victims won't be disappointed: you won't find any trendy leopard-spotted or zebra-striped items, because the exhibition is dedicated to more sophisticated items inspired by all kinds of animals, including spiders.

At Animalia Fashion, along the way, you'll find stuffed animals, reptiles in formaldehyde – borrowed from Florence's Natural History Museum –, showcases with live spiders from the Italian Association of Arachnology, and drawings from ancient bestiaries and from the tacuinum sanitatis” (a health handbook) from the Middle Ages. All this together makes for a great presentation of the animal universe, of which the clothes are the highest and most original expression.

The Animalia Fashion exhibition is a unique experience, don't miss it!





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