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The Bardini Museum and Garden in Florence

With a beautiful and confortable walk from Convitto della Calza, you can easily reach the Bardini Museum, which was originally constituted by a church and a convent of 1200; it was bought in 1880 by Stefano Bardini, one of the most prominent figures in the Florence of that time, a painter, a restorer and antiquarian who through the years put together an incredible collection of artworks.
After years of restoring the Bardini Museum is back to its original decorations and splendour. The original blue color of some of its rooms was imitated by many museums all around Europe.

Everyone can now admire in their original place statues, paintings, decorated leather, old carpets, valuable objects, among them the Carità of Tino di Camaino, the Porcellino of Tacca and the Diavolino of Giambologna. The stunning Room of the Madonne leaves the visitor breathless with its Madonna delle Mele attributed to Donatello.

Museo Bardini
Via dei Renai, 37 (Ponte alle Grazie)
Open Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Opening hours: 11-17.00

Near the Bardini Museum, there's the Bardini Garden, a historic garden of Florence Oltrarno district, located on a hill overlooking the city, a walk in this garden is a must for everyone.