Ereignisse in Florenz und Umgebung: detail

DalFrom the Fleur de Lys to the David, Exhibition at the Accademia Galleries in Florence

14 Mai 2013 bis 08 Dezember 2013

From the Fleur de Lys to the David, the exhibition at the Accademia Galleries in Florence has an eloquent subtitle: Civic Art in Florence from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The exhibition presents art works belonging to the communal and republican periods of Florence; these works were created to enrich and embellish the public buildings and the places of power of Florence from where the city was run, the headquarters of the Arti - i.e. Florence Corporations of Arts - and the ancient walls surrounding Florence.

Paintings, drawings, icons, engravings, sculptures from the late Middle Age to Renaissance are impeccably presented to the public until December the 8th 2013.


Tuesday – Sunday  8.15 - 18.50; ticket offisce closes at 18.20
In July, August and September on Tuesdays open until 22.00
Closed on Mondays