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Florence Baptistery Golden Doors by Lorenzo Ghiberti

The Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore Museum in Florence centre proposes a great collection, mainly works and sculptures belonging to the original decor of the Cathedral, the "Campanile" and the Baptistery.
Undoubtedly the greatest attraction of this Museum are the original Golden Doors by Lorenzo GhibertiFlorentine sculptor and goldsmith of 1400: they're so beautiful and stunning that Michelangelo himself used to call them "The Doors to Paradise". After 27 years of restoring, to remove the damages caused by the Florence flood in 1966, the doors are nowadays exposed in all their splendour in the Santa Maria del Fiore Museum.

Museo dell'Opera
di Santa Maria del Fiore
di Firenze
Piazza del Duomo 9, Firenze
+39 055 2302885