Ereignisse in Florenz und Umgebung: detail

Exhibition at Ferragamo Museum in Florence The Amazing Shoemaker

19 April 2013 bis 18 Mai 2014

The Ferragamo Museum in Florence is dedicated to Salvatore Ferragamo and his worldwide known brand. There are always interesting exhibitions in this museum, but from the 19th of April 2013 to 31st of March 2014 the main exhibition is about Salvatore Ferragamo himself! He was a self taught stylist from Naples who became the inventor and creator of the most elegant and comfortable shoes in the world, he worked for royal families, Hollywood stars and uncountable celebrities.

Now everybody can admire his stunning creations on display at the Ferragamo Museum in Florence,

This exhibition is entitled “The Amazing Shoemaker - Fairy Tales and Legends about Shoes and Shoemakers”, a title that tells about the magic story of this famous Italian brand.